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About Us

“Mountain Institute CTED is committed to providing high-quality career and technical education programs to students in Western Yavapai County! We believe that MICTED is on the cutting edge of Education reform in Career and Technical Education and invite students, teachers, parents, and communities to join us and our business and industry partners in providing the highest quality education possible to our students.”
- Bill Stiteler

Career & Technical Education for High School Students

Mountain Institute CTED provides enhanced Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses for students concurrently attending high school. These courses are designed to help students compete in today’s highly skilled workforce by preparing them for industry certifications and conferring college credits in diverse program areas. CTED is an abbreviation for  Career Technical Education District. Currently, there are fourteen CTEDs throughout the state of Arizona. The Mountain Institute CTED functions as an independent school district with its own elected governing board, known as “Mountain Institute.” The Mountain Institute (MI) CTED was approved by voters in the November 2008 general election and began classes in August for the 2009-2010 school year.
Mountain Institute CTED provides CTE courses for students within seven individual school districts (Western Yavapai County): Ash Fork, Bagdad, Chino Valley, Humboldt, Mayer, Prescott and Seligman. These districts have access to additional funding as part of the CTED. This funding provides students access from all districts to Career and Technical Education courses that is significantly greater than any individual district can provide. Charter school and home school students are also encouraged to participate in Mountain Institute CTED programs.

Our Vision, Values and Goals

Our vision is to be the leader in premier career and technical education.
Our mission is engaging students through industry-current instruction and leadership development to “Get Trained, Get Certified, and Get Hired.”
  • Student success is our #1 Priority.
  • We are committed to achieving common goals.
  • Quality programs will be developed and/or enhanced to increase effectiveness now and for the future
  • Effective communication begins with clarification of respective roles and responsibilities throughout the partnership.
  • Governing Board engagement is critical to community involvement.
  • Respect is paramount in developing and maintaining positive relationships.
  • The equitable sharing of resources through our region is essential for success.
  • Geographic challenges will lead to creative solutions that improve instructional delivery and outcomes – No student shall be denied educational opportunity due to transportation.
  • We support and encourage the application of technology in instructional delivery.
Raise the Level of Student Achievement
  • To teach to High Quality instructional standards.
  • To increase program quality and quantity.
  • To provide effective counseling and guidance for students and parents in their decision- making process regarding their education.
  • To effectively utilize academic measurement tools to assist with required reporting.
To advocate for perceptual change toward CTE/CTED. Create an understanding and appreciation for the value of Career Education as integral to comprehensive education programming.
  • To develop and implement effective Community Outreach strategies.
  • To develop and implement effective Student and Parent Outreach Strategies.
  • To develop and implement effective Local District Outreach measures.
Plan for and provide progressive, competent, comprehensive Career and Technical Education
  • Utilize existing technologies to support/enhance programs.
  • Monitor Grand Canyon Diploma program development.
  • MI Administration to draft long-term resource/facilities plan.
  • Create procedures for support of CTSO programs and student service leadership.
Develop Mountain Institute Board as a Professional Learning Community
  • MI Administration will develop Procedures/Activities to engage Governing Board involvement with Student completion/Graduation.
  • MI Administration will report to Board regarding Quality and Quantity of Program growth at least twice during academic year.
  • MI Governing Board/Administration to work together to develop higher Board profiles in community.
  • To create opportunities for Governing Board development that enhances individual growth and group effectiveness.

How We Are Funded

Funding support for Mountain Institute CTED comes from the following sources:
  • Property tax. The formula calls for a maximum rate of $5.00 per $100,000 of a property’s estimated market value. The local contribution is nominal and limited by state statute. A home worth $200,000 funds CTED at $10.00/year.
  • State general fund monies.
  • Community donations to CTED. You can receive tax credit by donating to CTE Program Student Organizations and/or CTE General Funds.
Funding is used to develop new programs, remodel and upgrade existing programs, and procure new CTE equipment and technology such as state of the art equipment for Transportation Technology and Welding programs. Students have access to college credits through dual enrollment of 6 to 24 credits, the tuition for which is paid for by MI. Mountain Institute brings additional state funds to students in our area, thus providing the community with skilled technical workers.