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YC Counselor ONLY Approval Form High Demand

Please complete the form below. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

The email entered below is the Yavapai College Counselor that will be identified as the recipient of this application for confirmation of student's enrollment in Mountain Institute High Demand Program. A copy of this form will be sent to the email address you provide below.

This information is to verify the student is aware of the steps necessary to enroll in a MICTED High Demand Program the year after high school graduation.  

Has the student registered with MICTED using the HIGH DEMAND Registration Form? If the answer is Yes, the student would have already received the completed form in their email as a verification in the application process. If the answer is No, Stop Here and follow up with the student before completing.*
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Please identify where the student graduated/is graduating High School:*
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Which Program has the Student applied for? NOTE: Students can only enroll in 1 High Demand Program for the 2024-2025 school year. Please choose from one of the following selections:*
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If applicable, has the student completed all Pre-Requisites for their program choice*
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Has the Student registered for ALL of the required courses in Program's Progression Plan?*
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Confirm you have assisted the student in filling out the digital YC Concurrent Enrollment Form indicating they are enrolled in an MICTED High Demand Program. A PDF is generated during this process - please also verify you have assisted the student in emailing the PDF copy of the concurrent enrollment form to [email protected]*
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