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High Demand Programs for Graduated Students Registration

Spring Enrollment Opens APRIL 1, 2024

This registration form is for students who are interested in BEGINING an MICTED High Demand program the Summer or Fall AFTER they graduate from high school.  Filling out this registration form is the first step in your application process, you MUST complete the remaining steps in the process to be enrolled in this program:

  1. Fill out the Yavapai College New Student Application (If you have a Y# you are already a YC student and can skip this step).
  2. Contact your Yavapai College Counselor and let them know you applied for a Mountain Institute High Demand program and need to enroll in the YC courses for that program.  You are registering as an adult student in courses that are open to the public and with seat limits.  Yavapai College Fall Enrollment for these classes opens April 15th at 7:00am.  Mountain Institute does not have any control over who is enrolled in these courses - ONLY your Yavapai College Counselor can assist you in building your schedule for these programs. 
  3. While meeting with your Counselor you must also fill out a digital Concurrent Enrollment Form and email a copy to [email protected]  If this step is not completed you WILL BE BILLED for your classes. 
These classes may potentially be located at any of the Yavapai College Campuses or Online.  The only way to ensure you are enrolling in courses that meet your needs is to meet with a Yavapai College Counselor. 

Need assistance?? Contact YC enrollment @ [email protected] or (928)717-7777
call Mountain Institute @ (928)-771-0791
Tell us about yourself. Are you a new MICTED Student or a returning MICTED Student?*
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SELECT YOUR DESIRED PROGRAM FROM THE DROPDOWN BELOW (You can only register for ONE high demand program for the 24/25 academic year)*
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Q: Can I take more than one program at a time?
A: MICTED is accepting only one High Demand Program enrollment per Student.

Q: What does the program cost?
A: Tuition costs are paid for by Mountain Institute CTED when your application has been approved and a digital Concurrent Enrollment Form has been submitted and emailed to [email protected]

Q: How do I know if I've been accepted?
A: Once you enroll in courses with your Yavapai College Counselor your seats in those courses are saved.  However,  you must submit a digital Concurrent Enrollment Form through your YC portal.  Until MICTED receives your concurrent enrollment form we cannot pay for your classes.  This should be done with the help of your YC Counselor at the time of enrollment.

Q. Are there prerequisites?
A: Visit the High Demand Program information page and click on the program you're interested into to find out specific requirements and prerequisites.  Students enrolling in the CNA and EMT programs must create a Castlebranch account and complete certain requirements by a communicated date to be eligible to begin the program.

Q: How can I get additional info?
A: Contact Mountain Institute CTED at 928.771.0791 or visit www.micted.net

By clicking the submit button you agree and acknowledge permission that photos of you in class and/or on field trips may be used in promotional materials. If you have any concerns please contact the MICTED District Office at (928)771-0791.*
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By submitting this application you agree and acknowledge permission for MICTED to send you and/or a parent text notifications of important events, deadlines and information.*
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By submitting this application you understand that you are REQUIRED to participate in State and Industry testing and certification as it applies to your program. *
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By submitting this application you agree to report your grades to MICTED at the conclusion of each 8 week term. *
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By submitting this application you are now informed that Mountain Institute has a student handbook on policies and procedures and when you apply and are accepted to a program, you are agreeing to the current policies and procedures. The handbook can be found at www.micted.net under the student/parent resources tab.*
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