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Mountain Institute Student Application/Registration Form

-Spring Enrollment Opens March 20, 2023-

The following form is the first step in your application process to apply for Mountain Institute Central Campus programs.

Once this form is completed, you will need to complete the other two steps of the process to be enrolled in this program. This is SUPER important!! 

  1. Fill out the Yavapai College new student application (returning students log in) and wishlist your courses for the program you are choosing @ www.yc.edu. If you need extra assistance please refer to these instructions for help (INSTRUCTIONS). Unsure what courses to wishlist??? (see course codes)
  2. Contact your High School Counselor or Early College representative and let them know you applied for a Mountain Institute program and YC so they can approve you to attend the program!

Need assistance?? Contact YC enrollment @ www.yc.edu/early college
call Mountain Institute (928)-771-0791
Tell us about yourself. Are you a new MICTED Student or a returning MICTED Student?*
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What grade will the YOU be in NEXT School year (Fall 2023)? *
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What is your projected High School graduation year?*
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Our programs are offered during three different time slots at our central campus locations and at various times at our satellite campuses. If you are unsure which program you are interested in, please take a look at the programs we offer. MICTED Programs

Please select ONLY 1 program you're interested in from the 3 drop down menus below: (AM, PM, or FRIDAY)
AM Central Campus Programs: Morning Classes. These are programs offered at our central campuses during the morning 6:45 AM - 9:15 AM
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PM Central Campus Programs: Afternoon Classes. These are programs offered at our central campuses during the afternoon 1:15 PM-3:45 PM
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FRIDAY Central Campus Programs: These are programs offered at our central campuses on Fridays. These 5 hour programs are 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM and students only attend on Fridays.
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ONLINE Central Campus Programs: These programs are offered online. Please visit our website for online program progression plans if you have any questions.
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Q: Can I take more than one program at a time?
A: MICTED is accepting only one Central Campus Program enrollment at a time.

Q: What does the program cost?
A: Tuition costs are paid for by Mountain Institute CTED when your application has been approved, Mountain Institute Scholarships you your program costs. There may be invoiced tuition fees if a student is placed on attendance contracts or behavior contracts and those contracts are broken.

Q: How do I know if I've been accepted?
A: You will receive an email and/or a letter in the mail stating that you were accepted into the central program or placed on a waiting list.

Q: Is the orientation process mandatory?
A: Yes, an orientation process is part of the application process and must be attended. Orientation highlights how to be a successful student with Mountain Institute CTED and Yavapai College enrollment.

Q. Are there prerequisites?
A: While many programs have unique prerequisites, all students entering a CTED program must have at least average attendance and a limited history of disciplinary issues to be considered. Visit the program information page and click on the program you're interested into to find out specific requirements.

Q: Will I receive college credit through CTED?
A: All programs offer high school credit and some of our programs offer college credit or dual enrollment through Yavavpai College. (See program information for details about credits for a specific program).

Q: Can I attend if I'm homeschooled?
A: Yes, CTED's accredited programs are available as a adjunct to the homeschool curriculum

Q: How can I get additional info?
A: Contact Mountain Institute CTED at 928.771.0791 or visit www.micted.net

By clicking the submit button you agree and acknowledge permission that photos on you in class and or on field trips may be used in promotional materials*
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By clicking the submit button you agree and acknowledge permission for MICTED to send you and/or a parent text notifications of important events, deadlines and information.*
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By submitting this application you are now informed that Mountain Institute has a student handbook on policies and procedures and when you apply and are accepted to a program, you are agreeing to the current policies and procedures. The handbook can be found at www.micted.net*
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By submitting this application you are acknowledging you will be contacted by MICTED through email on your acceptance into the program and that a MANDATORY IN- PERSON ORIENTATION has to be attended by you the student AND with a Parent and or Guardian.*
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